Chronicles on how maneuver through life as a young widowed mother

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Day 610

“I couldn’t wait for no man Divided your face in freehand, because Oh this context There’s context in our love” ~Freehand (Novo Amor) Morning motivation (Tweet tweet) *blink* *wince* The sun is coming up Ugh No Let me stay here Not yet I’m not ready yet (Tweet tweet) *sigh* (Tweet tweet) Yes! Yes tweet tweet … Continue reading Day 610

Day 601

There comes a point in loss where you start to feel nothing. Unlike with fire where you feel nothing and all of it at once. This frost creeps. Feeling everything and then suddenly the stillness, cold, echoing, nothingness. It seems fitting I would feel frost bitten in the wake of his loss. We watched Frozen … Continue reading Day 601

Day 599

Strip away your masks and expose all you’ve hidden. It’s the only way to truly find yourself. I was able to catch up with a woman who was once so pivotal in the growth of my personality. She reminded me of all I once held dear. Musicals have always been my soul. Listening to these … Continue reading Day 599


No sleep. No makeup. Look like shit. Fuck it. Speak. 1-800-273-8255 #IAmOne #suicideawareness #speakyourtruth #reachout #neveralone #silentnomore #breakthestigmaofmentalillness @stigmatizedjourney

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