Chronicles on how maneuver through life as a young widowed mother

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Day 632

*hiss*I hear you.I can’t help but laugh.Do I make evil that nervous?I must.He’s sending his army of snakes, rats, roaches.Vial falling from their lips as if the same old poison would harm me. Silly fools.Come.Slither.Crawl.Scratch.Your jealously is sickening. I will not fall for the same ploys that girl I once was mistook for kindness.Come.Feed my … Continue reading Day 632

Day 629

“And you, you were the one I treated the worst. Only because you loved me the most.” You know those moments when you cry out to God?”Please have mercy on me.”*silence*” I am weak. I am exhausted. I have trusted in you and I feel FUCKING FORSAKEN!”*silence*Laying on my floor I feel only the warmth … Continue reading Day 629

Day 624

Losing Nick has been hard. Suffocatingly so. I couldn’t understand why it was so painful. Besides the obvious. This though. This was a monsoon. “The rain came pouring down just when I was drowning” -TS It had felt as if I were actually making headway with Dave grief. I was immersed in that place. Breathing … Continue reading Day 624

Day 610

“I couldn’t wait for no man Divided your face in freehand, because Oh this context There’s context in our love” ~Freehand (Novo Amor) Morning motivation (Tweet tweet) *blink* *wince* The sun is coming up Ugh No Let me stay here Not yet I’m not ready yet (Tweet tweet) *sigh* (Tweet tweet) Yes! Yes tweet tweet … Continue reading Day 610

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